Panama at night

Support Evan at World Youth Day

Hi, I’m Evan Vaughan, and welcome to my Personal Campaign Page! Equally Blessed is sponsoring me and a small group of other LGBTQI and allied young people to attend World Youth Day 2019 in Panama. We will ensure there is a visible and vocal presence of LGBTQI and supportive people at the event, and we need your prayers and financial support for our pilgrimage. You can be a part of this amazing initiative by making a donation today and helping me reach my personal goal!
Goal $ 1,000.00
12.57% towards our goal
$ 125.65 raised
Cathy Weitenbeck
$ 100.00
Thanks for all you bring to the church and have a wonderful trip!

Support our World Youth Day pilgrims!

We are sending six brave young adults to World Youth Day in Panama to create the space now for LGBTQI people in the Catholic Church!

Your prayers and financial support are needed for the success of our pilgrimage.  Your gift of any amount is appreciated!

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