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What is World Youth Day? & Why Am I Going?

What is World Youth Day? World Youth Day is a huge celebration of young folks from around the world gathered in one space with the Pope. Typically celebrated every three years in a different country, the celebrating brings together thousands of teenagers and young adults. World Youth Day is a […]

The LGBTQI Domestic Church

I was standing in a 24-hour laundromat the first time I knew I was going to quit my job. At the time, I worked as a Director of Religious Education and Youth Ministry and lived with the House of the Little Flower Catholic Worker Community. We had discovered a bed bug […]

Meet Keith

Hello, my name is Keith Hall. I have lived in 3 distinct states (Louisiana, New York, Georgia) and Washington, DC. Each place has offered an abundance of experiences that brought me closer to my faith and friends. Being around a mostly Baptist family always made me hesitant to fully embrace […]

Meet Cooper

Hi all, my name is Cooper Kidd (they/them) and I am extremely excited to join fellow pilgrims at World Youth Day in Panama this January. I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA where I help conduct adolescent HIV research. A fun fact: one of my colleagues is actually a former Catholic […]

Meet Breanna

Hi all! My name is Breanna. I live in Erie, PA, with my adorable dog, Snoop, and I work with the Benedictine Sisters in their soup kitchen. I grew up in a loving Catholic family in the Midwest that modeled healthy, longterm and fruitful relationships. My family is proud of […]

Meet Evan

Hi! My name is Evan Vaughan. I identify as a Catholic, cisgender, biracial (Latinx and white), gay male. I have been actively involved in my parish of Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in San Francisco’s Castro district for the last three years since moving back to SF from the east coast. […]

Meet Meli

Hi all! My name is Meli Barber; originally from Columbus, OH, I now make my home in Indianapolis, IN with my wife, Carli. I’m thrilled to be joining the Equally Blessed pilgrimage to Panama! I am committed to working for LGBTQI inclusion in the Church and witnessing to the holiness […]