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Insider – Outsider

During the trip, our group balanced a dual outside/insider identity. We were outsiders in that we were preaching a gospel contrary to official church teaching, but in almost every other way, we were just like the other pilgrims. We wore the same T-shirts, hats and backpacks, we sang the same […]

World Youth Day gets splash of rainbow colors

One of the individuals responsible for organizing a recent pilgrimage to Brazil to relay a pro-LGBT message is the recently appointed director of Ohio University’s LGBT Center, 31-year-old Delfin Bautista. Six Roman Catholic pilgrims from across the United States recently banded together to deliver their pro-LGBT message to fellow attendees […]

Large gathering of pilgrims on the beach

We survived and we thrived!!!

I think our group needs to buy the t-shirt “I survived WYD Rio…bring it on WYD Poland!” At one of the catechesis sessions, Archbishop Fisher from Australia shared that young people are not the future of the church—we are the right now of the church.  As I reflect over the […]