Chasing rainbows at World Meeting of Families

lgbt choir outside the gates of the wmof
Photo credit: NCR/Jamie L. Manson

…The event also included a poignant testimony from Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, who recounted the struggles that she and her wife, Becky, had trying to adopt their two children, Emily and Finn, from a Catholic agency.

One of the children was born addicted to heroin and the other was so badly abused that she was rendered mute for two years. The children suffered these abuses at the hands of heterosexual parents. And yet, Marianne and Becky were told that they, as a same-sex couple, they were unfit to be parents.

Duddy-Burke, Becky, Emily and Finn are the only openly rainbow family to be registered for this year’s World Meeting of Families.

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