First full day at the World Meeting of Families

Ready for first full day of World Meeting of Families. As a tribute to all the WMF2015 Pilgrims, I’m proudly wearing the shirt that gave us so much visibility and noteriety. The pale blue ribbon is a We Are Church Ireland campaign to express solidarity with victims of clergy sex abuse and a call for church officials to take steps towards real accountability.

Morning session summary – God’s image is revealed in the faithful, indissoluble union of a man and a woman. Children have a “natural right” to a mother and a father. The sessions, at least so far, have been tightly scripted, and there has been no opportunity for the audience to address questions or comments to speakers. At the conclusion of the presentations, the facilitator addressed a few questions to the panelists. (A response to the challenges directed to speakers in Philadelphia???) It will be interesting to see if this model is carried through in all sessions.

Two European and one US couple, all involved in marriage preparation work, comprised the panel for this session.

Between WMF sessions, we visited the EPIC Museum of Irish Emigration. It was a thrilling surprise to find some of our history documented, and Dignity mentioned in the profile of Fr. Bernard Lynch! Fr. Mychal Judge’s heroic sacrifice on September 11, 2001 is also documented, and Brendan Fay’s activism is celebrated (unfortunately, Brendan’s profile did not photograph). Pride!

Mayor's task force
More on Brendan from EPIC
Counseling gay priests
Brendan’s current work profiled in EPIC
Legally married
Brendan and Billy’s marriage makes history at EPIC.
Mychal Judge
EPIC recognition of Fr. Mychal Judge.
Mychal Judge's funeral
An image from Fr. Mychal Judge’s funeral.

The above post is part of a series that Marianne Duddy-Burke is writing from Dublin, Ireland, as she attends the 2018 World Meeting of Families. For more information on Equally Blessed’s presence at the event, including additional posts from Marianne, please visit our new resource page.