Home again

I wasn’t able to blog while at the WMOF, partly because I was technically challenged and mostly because I was  exhausted.  Monday I arrived in Philly full of hope.  As I made my way to the convention center to get my registration package, I ran into my first bigoted Catholics.  They were two woman giddy with excitement for being at the WMOF, they had some kind of booth in the exhibition hall, something about divine healing from the Holy Spirit.  A women with a full berka came walking in the opposite direction, one of these women, stepped in front of this woman preventing her from walking and did the sign of the cross.  Then the two continued to talk about this woman and her attire.  As I was ahead of them, I over heard them talking about someone stealing the rainbow, and how this women still likes rainbows but now they are ruined.  I don’t know if they were talking about me or they had passed some other rainbow.  They had asked me earlier where I had gotten my sweatshirt, I had told them I had gotten it on line, but colored the rainbow myself.  After getting my registration materials I ran into Delfin.   I recognized them from Facebook pictures.  I felt comfort and normalcy in seeing a familiar face.  That’s how my week started with Delfin being my normalcy.