Press Conference: Duty to do Good

This morning’s press conference at the Arch Street Methodist Church was a great success! The pilgrims shared their experiences, hopes and dreams with several media outlets on hand to cover the event.

Some quotes from today’s pilgrim voices at the press conference:

“We want to hear words of love, not destruction”

“We ask the institutional Church to reflect on its own identity, not the LGBT community’s”

“As Pope Francis has said, we have a duty to do good.”

“We are love beloved, just like every other child of God.”

“It is my hope that the Roman Catholic Church will accept the gift of looking at our LGBT brothers and sisters with the loving gaze of God.”

“We want to say that our Church should not be the reason that over 106,000 kids in the U.S. don’t have families [regarding adoption]. We need to move past unfounded prejudice and outdated ideas about gender roles and do what’s best for children.”

“We are here to ask Pope Francis and bishops of the Church to hear our faith stories, and allow the witness of our lives to inform theology and the reform of Church teaching.”

Doing good, indeed!