God’s Plan For Me

Hello fellow pilgrims and visitors to these pages,

I have felt so blessed to be a part of this wonderful pilgrimage and the idea of meeting in person the rest of our pilgrims and others from around the world. I have been talking about it all summer, made about 100 crocheted rainbow hearts and have just located another bag of them….after I had sent the first batch in.

I am sorry to report I will not be able to attend the WMF or the Pope’s visit. I have been battling recurring e-coli and sepsis infection for about three years now. We thought, or at least greatly hoped, the last round of 6 months worth of daily IV antibiotics did the trick. When I passed the milestone of going longer off antibiotics yet, I quietly celebrated. This had to be the end. Last Monday, I again become very ill with e-coli and sepsis. I am home from the hospital today, feeling better but far from well as you would expect after a difficult illness. So, I am starting back to my daily iv infusion at a local urgent care center affiliated with my hospital. So I will not be able to attend this pilgrimage. I am also having to give up a long planned and long awaited vacation to Bar Harbor with my husband.

I keep going back to the saying “humans make plans, God laughs”. I am not laughing with Him at the moment but do believe He understands.

So thank you to Equally Blessed for inviting me, to all the fellow pilgrims I’ve done phone meeting with because my home technology won’t let me get on a face to face meeting. Thank you to my daughter Sara, and her wife Lauren for being such a big part of this for me and who have opened my eyes as to just how glaringly unbalanced we as a church are with our attitudes over LGBT people and issues. A big thanks to Debbie Carpenter, Lauren’s mom, for asking me to tag along. With the train rides together we were going to become good friends or hate each other. Let’s just stay friends, Debbie. (I’ll mail your sneakers and mine too, in case anyone can fit into them and would make use of them)

To all of you, I am offering my prayers daily. I bought a rainbow rosary from the WMF web site. I will be using them on your behalf daily. You are a brave and incredible group of people who will help to shape the future of the Catholic Church. I am wishing with my whole heart I was going to be with you, but it goes back to the God laugh’s thing. Thank you for all the work you do for our families, our Church.

God Bless You All,

Love and Peace,