We just had a miracle in our family at 1:42 this morning. My grandson was born, weighing in at 8 Lbs, 13 oz!. He was 5 days late and I have been praying the rosary every day for his safe arrival. I was home sleeping so I have only seen a picture but he is beautiful. I have been thinking about this for a while. While my daughter is not very religious her fiance wants the baby baptized in the Church. I wonder about the Church he will grow up in. Will his aunts be fully inclusive in whatever parish they belong to? Will his Church be welcoming to all no matter who or what they are? Will his church accept and love him for whoever he grows up to be? This impacts strongly on what I want to accomplish at the WMF. The story I want to share. The truth I want to live within my own faith life. Very thankful and grateful to Our Father in heaven, His son, His Holy Spirit, and to Mary, His mother who understood me better than anyone today. We had a miracle today. Wyatt was born.