As I prepare for the World Meeting of Families, I have been reading the catechism.  I have had catechist training in the past about twenty years ago, and I do not remember so many rules about sex and sexuality.  Maybe times were different for me back then, my children were young, I was active in my church, St Francis of Assisi, in Vista, CA.  I now live in New England (Connecticut), my children are pretty much grown.  My whole adult life I have  been involved in social justice.  My daily job is helping people with real problems.  As I read the catechism for the World Meeting of Families, and see what the rules of the church are on sex and sexuality, I want to scream, “Mind your own business, Church.”  I have important acts of service to do. I don’t have time to be worrying or thinking about sex so much, mine or anybody else.