Waiting seems to be my theme for this summer. Right now, I am waiting for many family and friends to gather at my house for a baby shower for my youngest daughter, Megan. Waiting for Sara and Lauren to arrive from Baltimore. Waiting for my sister and family to arrive from Massachusetts for the weekend. Waiting for the contingent from Maine to arrive. Waiting for Lauren’s mom, Debbie (who is also making this pilgrimage), her daughter Lindsey and fiancee Mike. Waiting to meet all the friends that Megan has made as an adult that I may not know and a few that I do.

Waiting for a short weekend trip to MA in July for a high school graduation party for my niece Jessica. I only have 1 niece and 2 nephews and they hold a very special place in my heart.

Waiting for my first grandbaby to make his arrival in August. Waiting to see the wonderment and joy on my daughter’s face as she sees her son. Praying for an easy labor and delivery and a healthy baby and mama. Waiting to hold him for the very first time.

Waiting for this pilgrimage in September to begin. Waiting to share the story of my family. I have shared my experience of living with serious mental illness for a long time now, locally and nationally. I share that story for those who have no voice; and there are many in the LGBTQ family who cannot yet use their voices. I am waiting to hear stories of other families from around the world and to be present for the Pope’s visit. A once in a lifetime event.

So this is my summer of waiting. I don’t have much patience at times. I will keep busy, enjoy the warmth and I will wait.