Getting ready

rainbow heartsIt’s June already and I am getting ready for our teleconference tonight. I’m hoping to get the video chat running tonight, it is hard on the phone to know who is who. I’m anxious to meet all the other pilgrims.

I’ve been busy making rainbow hearts for us to share with the other families gathered for World Meeting of Families. Here’s a picture of what they look like so far.

I am so incredibly grateful to be making this pilgrimage. As time is going on I realize more and more how important our message is. A few week ago, in Baltimore (where Sara and Lauren live) there were protests and signs saying “black lives matter”, then “police lives matter”. My take is all lives matter, all lives are equally important, offering unique perspectives to the world at large.

Our families matter and should matter to our Church. Our Pope has preached inclusion, not as far as we would like him to go but a start. Ireland voting for same sex marriage was huge. Their love for each other, male and female in whatever combination matters. Our Church should recognize the same.

Our families are no different than families without any LGBTQ members. We pray and worship equally, we live our faith, each of us in our own way not dependent on sexual preference equally and we love equally.

I’m anxious for September to come. It will be difficult leaving Vermont with the birth of our first grandson in August, but I do feel a need and a call to be present at the WMF. Rest assured, I’ll bring many pictures!