Meet Debbie

Debbie Carpenter and family

Hi! I’m Debbie Carpenter from East Hartford, Connecticut.  In 2013, my daughter, Lauren Carpenter and her then-fiancee Sara Kelley participated in Equally Blessed’s pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, where they were able to talk with hundreds of Catholics from around the world about their experience as a same-sex couple in the Catholic Church. Now that Lauren and Sara are married, I am traveling to World Meeting of Families with Sara’s mother, Karen, so we can share our experience as Catholic mothers who love and support their daughters.

I would like the Pope to know how active Lauren and Sara are in the Church and their community. They are the same children the Church welcomed in Baptism and the other sacraments, except for marriage. I hope that this pilgrimage will renew my love of my Church.

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