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Home again

I wasn’t able to blog while at the WMOF, partly because I was technically challenged and mostly because I was  exhausted.  Monday I arrived in Philly full of hope.  As I made my way to the convention center to get my registration package, I ran into my first bigoted Catholics.  […]

It’s the Little Things

So many magical moments this week. The most touching experiences occurred in line to purchase coffee, walking down the street, or having a family member with an LGBTQI friend or relative tell us how much they appreciated us being there. The best was today! The TSA Officer was checking my clear WMF […]


Reflecting on a week of learning, insight and making new personal connections! We had two wonderful panels, including last night where Marianne Duddy-Burke and John Freml provided articulate and insightful reflections on content from the WMF. Great questions, comments and reflections from the participants as well! Thanks to all!

Press Conference: Duty to do Good

This morning’s press conference at the Arch Street Methodist Church was a great success! The pilgrims shared their experiences, hopes and dreams with several media outlets on hand to cover the event. Some quotes from today’s pilgrim voices at the press conference: “We want to hear words of love, not […]


To all the pilgrims traveling in the next couple days, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Please pray for my recovery after this long and drawn put illness and know I would ove being there with you this week. God bless.