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Home again

I wasn’t able to blog while at the WMOF, partly because I was technically challenged and mostly because I was  exhausted.  Monday I arrived in Philly full of hope.  As I made my way to the convention center to get my registration package, I ran into my first bigoted Catholics.  […]

Challenges and Change

Karen Kelley, my daughter’s mother in law and I have been planning our Pilgrimage for many months.  We coordinated our travel plans so we would be traveling together, meeting on the train.  We have given each other moral support, since this would have been our first pilgrimage of this sort. […]

Labor Day Weekend

I had my first letter to the editor published this Friday, in the Journal Inquirer, Manchester, CT. I am still waiting for a response from the Hartford Courant. Marianne and family stopped by to pick up my crafted donations so I won’t have to carry them on the train.I spent […]

Letters to the editor

I wrote my letters to the editors, and sent them out this evening.  They were sent to the Hartford Courant and to the Journal Inquirer, two Connecticut papers, I will let you know when they appear in the paper, and if there is any follow up.

Family Celebration

Had a great weekend.  Traveled to Vermont to see my fellow pilgrim, Karen.  We were there for a baby shower, and to celebrate the anticipation of Karen’s first grandchild. Our daughters Lauren and Sara came up from Baltimore.  I drove up with my daughter Lindsay and her fiance Mike, from […]


As I prepare for the World Meeting of Families, I have been reading the catechism.  I have had catechist training in the past about twenty years ago, and I do not remember so many rules about sex and sexuality.  Maybe times were different for me back then, my children were […]

rainbow knitted hats


Preparing for the World Meeting of Families, I have started reading through the catechism.  Karen Kelley and I shared our concerns over knowing the catechism and how we will be able to communicate our stories to other families at the World Meeting of Families.  We reassured each other that we […]

Debbie Carpenter and family

Meet Debbie

Hi! I’m Debbie Carpenter from East Hartford, Connecticut.  In 2013, my daughter, Lauren Carpenter and her then-fiancee Sara Kelley participated in Equally Blessed’s pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, where they were able to talk with hundreds of Catholics from around the world about their experience as a same-sex couple […]