Mary McAleese and Theologians to Challenge Vatican Teaching on the Eve of the Papal Visit

Mary McAleese

– For immediate release –

Time:   Monday, 20th August at 4.00pm

Place:  Trinity School of Religion, ISE-Loyola Building, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Mary McAleese, will launch the Wijngaards Institute’s new academic research report on ‘LGBT Catholics & Gender Theologies’ during a press conference on Monday, August 20. This will be followed by a panel discussion confronting current Catholic crises and controversies.


Dr. Mary McAleese will join the Wijngaards Institute in announcing the start of a new academic study to examine Vatican teaching on homosexuality and gender theology. An appeal will be made for Pope Francis to question why same-sex orientation is still officially labelled as an ‘objective disorder’ and to understand the harm this causes to LGBT Catholics and their families.

During the press conference, we will also address the exclusion of gay and lesbian families from the World Meeting of Families. Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of DignityUSA, will explain why she still plans to attend the meeting despite her group having been banned from participating. 


Catholic Theologians & Campaigners will discuss the crises and criticisms that threaten to overshadow Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland. 

Topics will include the marginalization of women; the abuse scandal; the vilification of LGBT Catholics; the ongoing silencing of priests; the harm caused by the papal ban on contraception and the aftermath of the 8th amendment abortion debate

Speakers: Tony Flannery, Dr. Hille Haker, Jamie Manson, Dr. Luca Badini, Dr. Gina Menzies and Dr. Siobhán Garrigan

Press contact: Miriam Duignan T: +44 7970 926910, E:


The Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research is a think tank dedicated to academic research and education that examines and explores church teachings and aims to bring about reform from within the Catholic Church. Coverage of Wijngaards Institute Study on Contraception

For more information on Equally Blessed’s presence at the World Meeting of Families, please visit our new resource page.

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