We survived and we thrived!!!

Pilgrims with Equally Blessed banner on the beach

I think our group needs to buy the t-shirt “I survived WYD Rio…bring it on WYD Poland!”

At one of the catechesis sessions, Archbishop Fisher from Australia shared that young people are not the future of the church—we are the right now of the church.  As I reflect over the week, still being wowed that the pilgrimage actually happened (no longer just planning calls once a month), being the church right now has taken on special significance.

The interactions we’ve had as a group…from simple exchanges of knickknacks to wearing our rainbow gear to conversations with folks intrigued with faith and sexuality to difficult discussions with people struggling with why (and how) we are Catholic to the bonds formed with local and global LGBTQ groups…all together through the craziness of the week the Spirit was very much alive and truly moving.   Not only did we survive but we thrived!

Catholics from all over the world gathered in one place, sharing their stories of faith and experiences of life, the divisions of lay vs. clergy vs. hierarchy vs. religious life overcome as we truly lived communion … we were church and we continue to be church.

Yes, we are a living church right that is not only surviving but is thriving into new ways of wholeness.

Large gathering of pilgrims on the beach

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