The Cristo Redentor

Megan Graves exicited to see the ChristoThese past few days in Rio with Equally Blessed have had an overabundance of blessed moments, from the cheering of the pilgrims in the church when Ellen spoke with such eloquence and confidence in the Church to the laughter in the home of our new friends who we met at a Catholic LGBTQ meeting in Brazil. One of the most blessed moments that I think that we have had was tonight on the top of the famous Cristo Redentor statue. To see this statue has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and tonight was a dream come true. The best part of tonight for me was when we said the prayer on the Equally Blessed prayer card as it quoted, “Oh Christ, Redeemer of humanity whose arms, open on top of the Corcovado welcomes all people, you are our friend, teacher and lover.” For me, I feel that has been one of our foundational values of this trip, to advocate for all people to be welcomed into the Church. The Cristo Redentor image is an excellent image of our trip.

Pilgrims taking in the view of the Christo

(photos: I’m excited to see The Cristo!; taking in the view)

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