Knights of Columbus, Minn. archbishop imperil church’s neutrality

For the last 128 years, millions of Catholic men have faithfully served the church through the Knights of Columbus’ mission to help those in need. But do today’s 1.8 million members and their supporters know that their Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, is endangering their legacy by contributing their hard-earned charitable dollars not to the needy, but to political battles?

In October 2008, the Knights of Columbus and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced that they had formed a partnership. The Knights would fund the bishops’ anti-marriage equality campaigns and Carl Anderson himself would sit as a consultant to the bishops’ ad hoc committee on the same topic.

Since then, the Knights of Columbus have contributed millions of dollars to restrict the freedom to marry in state-based political battles ranging from California to Maine.

Read Nicole Sotelo’s column in the  the National Catholic Reporter.


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