Kansas Catholic school rejects kindergartner with same-sex parents

St Anns Catholic School and Parish
Image credit: Google Maps

Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, a Catholic LGBTQ advocacy organization, said that while Catholic school policies vary throughout the U.S., St. Ann is not an outlier in rejecting students with same-sex parents.

Some schools welcome children with same-sex parents, some schools don’t and others have more nuanced policies, according to Duddy-Burke. She provided an example where a school mandates that parents — both gay and straight — “have to agree that if their children attend Catholic school, they’ll be taught that same-sex marriage is prohibited by the church.”

“They don’t outrightly ban those students,” she said of kids with same-sex parents,” but their parents have to sign a paper that their children will be taught their marriage is a sin.”

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