Reactions to the family synod range from concern to elation

From the National Catholic Reporter:

November 10, 2014: Equally Blessed, a coalition of four U.S. Catholic organizations focused on equality for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people, said Oct. 18 that the synod reflected that some bishops recognize the Vatican must change its language toward gay people.

"This month's Synod on the Family confirms that there are deep divides in the Catholic hierarchy around issues of human sexuality and that even in the Vatican many Catholics know that it is past time for the church to reconcile with faithful LGBT Catholics," the group said in a statement following the release of the synod's final document.

"The synod's message to the faithful stated that 'Christ wanted his Church to be a house with doors always open to welcome everyone,' " their statement continued. "It is unfortunate that in their final document, the synod attempted to shut those doors on the thousands of faithful LGBT Catholics and their families who have been left out in the cold by a church that repeatedly refuses to acknowledge the sanctity of their lives and their loves."

Full article available here.

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