The Advocate’s Person of the Year: Pope Francis

The Advocate quoted Equally Blessed at length in their article naming Pope Francis ‘Person of the Year‘:

Still, LGBT Catholics who remain in the church now have more reason to hope that change is coming. Listen to the reaction to the pope’s “Who am I to judge?” comment.

“Pope Francis today uttered some of the most encouraging words a pontiff has ever spoken about gay and lesbian people,” read a statement from the LGBT Catholic organization Equally Blessed. “In doing so, he has set a great example for Catholics everywhere.” It went on with even greater anticipation, “Catholic leaders who continue to belittle gays and lesbians can no longer claim that their inflammatory remarks represent the sentiments of the pope. Bishops who oppose the expansion of basic civil rights — such as an end to discrimination in the work place — can no longer claim that the pope approves of their discriminatory agenda. Pope Francis did not articulate a change in the church’s teaching today, but he spoke compassionately, and in doing so, he has encouraged an already lively conversation that may one day make it possible for the church to fully embrace gay and lesbian Catholics.”

In the same issue, they referenced Equally Blessed in another article titled “Nine Catholics Who Need to Listen to the Pope“:

Catholic School Administrators 
LGBT teachers in private schools are already vulnerable to discrimination, but those in Catholic schools are especially at risk of losing their jobs. Months after Pope Francis first spoke as the head of the Catholic Church about his rather tolerant views on homosexuality, English and religion teacher Kristen Ostendorf was fired from a Minnesota school after coming out to colleagues. The principal at the same school resigned after rumors that he was gay began to circulate, according to LGBT Catholic organization Equally Blessed. These two are not the only Catholic educators who have been fired for being who they are, since the pope first said his famous words, but unless the leaders within the church listen up, they certainly will not be the last.

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