New Ways Ministry starts a movement to canonize Fr. Mychal Judge, the “saint of 9/11”

Fr. Mychael Judge
Photo credit: Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

On September 11, 2001, Fr. Mychael Judge, a Franciscan friar who was also the chaplain for the New York City Fire Department, was among the first who rushed into the World Trade Center with other first responders after a plane had struck the complex. As a result of his sacrifice, he died, and is now often referred to as “Victim Number One” of 9/11.

Fr. Judge was also known as an unofficial chaplain to the LGBT Catholic community, and he ministered selflessly to those living with HIV and those suffering from addiction. Our coalition partner, New Ways Ministry, has now started a movement to canonize the “saint of 9/11,” but needs your help.

According to New Ways Ministry, here is what you can do:

  1. Share this blog post with your social media, email, and personal contacts, and ask them to share this information with others, too. New Ways needs this to go viral to find people who knew Fr. Judge, who feel they have experienced his intercession in a possible miracle, or simply want to support and help the preliminaries of his Cause.
  2. Refer anyone who has first-hand information about Fr. Judge to contact New Ways Ministry by email (, phone (301-277-5674), or postal mail (4012 29th Street, Mount Rainier, Maryland 20712).
  3. Persons who have testimony about Fr. Judge need only make an initial contact.  They do not need to explain the nature of their interaction or experience with him in the initial contact. Follow-up material will be sent to them to elicit the type of information that is needed.
  4. Ask other organizations to which you belong who also might know people who encountered Fr. Judge to share this information.
  5. Pray for the canonization of Fr. Judge.

For more information about the movement to canonize Fr. Judge, please see these posts on Bondings 2.0:

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