Call To Action 20-30 community


New Ways Ministry Massachusetts Workshop
Mar 3 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Rainbow staircaseCurious about LGBT ministry? Want to learn more about Catholic approaches to gender and sexuality? Attend our upcoming “Next Steps” workshop!

Second Fr. Robert Nugent Memorial Lecture
Apr 22 all-day

…featuring Patricia Beattie Jung, a Roman Catholic theologian who has written and taught widely at Protestant and Catholic institutions in the field of Christian sexual ethics.


To receive an invitation to the lecture, please call (301) 277-5674.

DignityUSA Board of Directors Meeting
Jun 2 – Jun 4 all-day


In or around Detroit? The DignityUSA Board of Directors will be holding a meeting June 2-4, 2018 in Detroit, MI, and you’re invited.

Interested in attending? Contact [email protected] for details and the meeting agenda.

Dignity Young Adult Caucus Retreat
Jul 13 – Jul 15 all-day

DYAC retreat

As the younger members of Dignity chapters around the country, we are the next generation of Dignity.

This year the DYAC retreat will be held in Denver, Colorado from July 13-15, 2018. After holding our last three retreats in the East and Midwest, we look forward to holding our next retreat in Denver at the University of Denver. As you know, this year is Dignity USA’s Jubilee year, and DYAC is bringing that into our retreat, with some focus on the present and future of Dignity and how the young adults can lead the future growth of Dignity.

This retreat is a time to strengthen the friendships we’ve forged over the years, renew our commitment to DignityUSA, and to grow personally. We’ll return to our home chapters and communities spiritually renewed in our faith and our fellowship, and ready to be a light and lead the way forward. More details, including our guest speaker and theme are to come.

Your registration to attend the retreat includes your room and board. You will be responsible for travel to the conference. If you need assistance with these costs please note such while registering.

Press Conference: “LGBT Catholics & Gender Theologies”
Aug 20 @ 4:00 pm

Mary McAleese

– For immediate release –

Time:   Monday, 20th August at 4.00pm

Place:  Trinity School of Religion, ISE-Loyola Building, Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Mary McAleese, will launch the Wijngaards Institute’s new academic research report on ‘LGBT Catholics & Gender Theologies’ during a press conference on Monday, August 20. This will be followed by a panel discussion confronting current Catholic crises and controversies.


Dr. Mary McAleese will join the Wijngaards Institute in announcing the start of a new academic study to examine Vatican teaching on homosexuality and gender theology. An appeal will be made for Pope Francis to question why same-sex orientation is still officially labelled as an ‘objective disorder’ and to understand the harm this causes to LGBT Catholics and their families.

During the press conference, we will also address the exclusion of gay and lesbian families from the World Meeting of Families. Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of DignityUSA, will explain why she still plans to attend the meeting despite her group having been banned from participating. 


Catholic Theologians & Campaigners will discuss the crises and criticisms that threaten to overshadow Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland. 

Topics will include the marginalization of women; the abuse scandal; the vilification of LGBT Catholics; the ongoing silencing of priests; the harm caused by the papal ban on contraception and the aftermath of the 8th amendment abortion debate

Speakers: Tony Flannery, Dr. Hille Haker, Jamie Manson, Dr. Luca Badini, Dr. Gina Menzies and Dr. Siobhán Garrigan

Press contact: Miriam Duignan T: +44 7970 926910, E: [email protected]


The Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research is a think tank dedicated to academic research and education that examines and explores church teachings and aims to bring about reform from within the Catholic Church. Coverage of Wijngaards Institute Study on Contraception

Equally Blessed at the World Meeting of Families
Aug 21 – Aug 26 all-day

Dublin, Ireland was chosen by Pope Francis to host the next World Meeting of Families from August 21-26, and we are the only LGBTQI Catholic coalition in the world to have official representation there. Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of DignityUSA, will attend the event with her wife and children to provide a critical, progressive Catholic voice on issues relating to LGBTQI Catholic families, such as marriage, sexuality, and raising children. Francis DeBernardo, Executive Director of New Ways Ministry, will provide news coverage of the event from an LGBTQI perspective on Bondings 2.0.

For more information about our representatives, along with the latest news and developments in Dublin, check out our new WMoF resource page at:

Living in Truth: The Call to Authenticity
Oct 2 @ 1:00 pm – Oct 4 @ 1:00 pm

Living in Truth: The Call to Authenticity

Inspired by the Gospel of John, Jesus’ call to live in the truth (John 8:32) in order to have abundant life (John 10:10) will provide the focus for this retreat. Jesus invites us to pattern our ministry and our sexuality according to his embrace of truth. Embracing God’s truth, discovered in our deepest selves, both challenges and empowers us to live more authentically in every dimension of our lives.

Call To Action 2018 National Conference: “Santuario – Resistencia – Sacramento / Sanctuary – Resistance – Sacrament”
Nov 9 – Nov 11 all-day

Call To Action conference liturgy

For over forty years, Call To Action’s National Conference has been the place where progressive Catholics have gathered to transform our church and world.

As we prepare to meet on November 9-11 in San Antonio, it is clear that our Catholic message of inclusion, justice and love couldn’t be more needed in our church and world. This year’s theme, “Santuario, Resistencia, Sacramento (Sanctuary, Resistance, Sacrament)” finds itself in stark opposition to many of the values we see proclaimed by our leaders. When the powerful of the world preach deportation, we’re called to offer sanctuary. When the powerful preach unthinking obedience, we’re called to resistance. When the powerful preach hatred, we’re called to proclaim the sacramental power of love.

This year’s conference will have many of the things you’ve learned to love about Call To Action: inspiring worship, warm and inclusive community and a diverse and thought-provoking line-up of speakers. It will also have many new elements, including new CTA leadership, new insights brought to us by our 20/30 Young Adult Leaders, and an opportunity to more deeply engage with border and migration issues in our host location of San Antonio, Texas.

Over the years, thousands of Catholics have come to our conferences seeking sanctuary and have found homes of resistance and sacrament.

This November, we look forward to continuing that proud tradition.

We look forward to welcoming you home.

New Language for Old Truths: A retreat for LGBT Catholics, families, pastoral ministers, and allies
Nov 9 @ 4:30 pm – Nov 11 @ 1:00 pm

New Language for Old Truths

Many truths of our faith have come from the early centuries of Christianity.  Our understanding of humanity and of the universe is radically different now, so we need to find new ways, new language, and new images to make sense of the Gospel message in the modern world.  Our aim will be to help us have a closer relationship with the Creative Spirit, whom we call God, as someone who is not distant from us in the “Heavens,” but is with us, within us, and all around us in every aspect of creation. For those interested in LGBT issues and those concerned about church reform, the retreat will provide a sound theological and spiritual base to ground their work, even when the road ahead is stormy.

Gracious Embodiment: Embracing Capacious Sexuality
Nov 16 @ 4:30 pm – Nov 18 @ 1:30 pm

Gracious Embodiment: Embracing a Capacious Sexuality

Today “sexuality” means anything and everything: identity; orientation; the way we organize love, desire, and affection; even our whole way of being in the world as embodied spirit. We are part of a Church still struggling with how to connect all these fluid, evolving meanings. We come from a religious past with a narrow vision of binary sexes created for the purpose of procreation, in which a limited degree of male sexual desire is sanctioned and women’s experiences are considered irrelevant.