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Pilgrims taking in the view of the Christo

The Cristo Redentor

These past few days in Rio with Equally Blessed have had an overabundance of blessed moments, from the cheering of the pilgrims in the church when Ellen spoke with such eloquence and confidence in the Church to the laughter in the home of our new friends who we met at a Catholic LGBTQ meeting in Brazil. One of the most blessed moments that I think that we have had was tonight on the top of the famous Cristo Redentor statue.

Almost there!

I just want to start off by saying that for me, this journey with Equally Blessed is an opportunity and a blessing of a lifetime. To simply say, I am a pilgrim on this journey because I truly do believe in the idea of all being welcome in the church. This idea is one of the main reasons why I wanted to become more involved with Call to Action. Call to Action has reminded me that I do belong to a community that does accept me for who I am. I take pride in being young, Black, a female,  bisexual, and a Catholic, now I am not always one for labels, but I am proud of who I am.