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Brave? Or Normal?

As you have probably seen in other blog posts, we were in a catechesis session when Ellen got up to ask a question about LGBT people in the church.  People clapped and cheered before the bishop even answered her question.  Afterwards, so many people approached Ellen to thank her for her courage in speaking up.
Ellen, Megan and Jennifer, waiting in the Panama airport

“How did you get involved in that?”

When I explain our upcoming pilgrimage to World Youth Day, people often ask me, "How did you get involved in that?" In some cases, I imagine that this question reflects some puzzlement that a straight, cisgender person would want to take such a long and unpredictable journey to witness for LGBT equality. I've never gotten an unsupportive response, but I have seen hints of confusion on peoples' faces — despite the fact that I know so many allies who would do the same thing that I am doing if they had the chance.