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Megan interacting with pilgrims from Ghana

Truly A Worldwide Church

Many of us on this blog have written about how we’ve been happily surprised by the responses we’ve gotten, the help and hospitality we’ve received and the amazing support back home.  I’d like to admit today another surprise: the importance of this witness to international catholics.  Before coming here, my expectation was that we would be interacting mostly with other Americans.  Of course I knew it was an international event, but I figured that Americans would be the ones who would be interested, the ones who spoke our language and the ones who we sought out.  No matter how hard I fight it, maybe it is still hard for me to shake the we-are-the-center-of-the-world mentality of the USA…but that is a topic for another post.
Waiting for registration

The Diverse Church

When we were planning this trip, it was hard to find any information about schedules, locations or other details for planning an itinerary.  As a person who likes maps, calendars and well thought out routes and itineraries this was frustrating.  I comforted myself by remembering the point of this trip was simply to meet other pilgrims, and none of the other pilgrims had the necessary planning information either; we could all be lost together and God’s grace would do the rest. 

Journey to Rio

The official theme of WYD 2013 urges us to “go and make disciples of all nations” as living witnesses of the Good News of the Gospel.   Next week we will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to proclaim the Good News that we are all created in God’s image and to […]