Rainbow flag in Philadelphia


Who we are

Equally Blessed is a coalition of three Catholic organizations that have spent more than 120 years working on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families.

Collectively and individually, Call To Action, DignityUSA, and New Ways Ministry are devoted to informing, supporting and giving voice to the growing majority within the Catholic Church in the United States that favors equality under law for LGBT people.

We seek to educate, to inspire and to prompt Catholics to take action in the church and in the wider culture on behalf of LGBT people, their families and friends.

Our work as organizations and as a collective encompasses the pastoral, the political and the theological.

What we do

Equally Blessed:

  • acquaints state legislators and members of the U. S. Congress with the opinions of the Catholic majority.
  • serves as a point of contact in the Catholic community for secular organizations working on behalf of LGBT people and their families.
  • speaks frequently with reporters, issues statements and writes op-ed articles for secular and religious publications.
  • develops and circulates sound theological and scriptural resources that make the case for LGBT equality.
  • calls our bishops back to fidelity when they make hurt- ful statements or take stands contrary to the church’s teaching on the dignity of every human person.

What we believe

The roots of our organizations run deep in Catholic soil, and are nourished by the deep wisdom of the Catholic spiritual tradition, by the incomparable gift of the Holy Eucharist, and by the love and support of the faith communities in which our members live and worship.

Equally Blessed is fired by a vision of a church that transcends cultural prejudices and is faithful to its own profound insight that each of us is a beloved child of God, created in the divine image.