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On National Marriage Week, Equally Blessed celebrates all marriages

In response to the Bishop’s National Marriage Week campaign, the Equally Blessed coalition urges US Catholics to pray for the inclusion and celebration of same-sex couples in the Catholic Church.

Boston, MA., February 6, 2014—Today, the Equally Blessed coalition released the following statement regarding the US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s call for Catholics to participate in “National Marriage Day” on February 9 and “National Marriage Week” on February 7-14:

The National Marriage Week campaign’s limited scope creates an unwelcoming Church for the thousands of US Catholics in same-sex marriages who live their lives as shining examples of love in the face of discrimination. By encouraging local parishes to observe “National Marriage Day” during Sunday mass, the bishops are once again using the liturgy as a weapon to further alienate LGBT Catholics and their supporters.

Love is Love

Celebrate all marriages on National Marriage Week

The US Bishops have asked Catholics to participate in National Marriage Week each February, and are urging parishes to observe a “National Marriage Day” during Sunday mass. While we agree that marriage is a blessing, we believe that all loving marriages deserve celebration and recognition– not just heterosexual marriage. Show your support for all marriages by […]