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Equally Blessed coalition invites Catholic bishops to “come out” and stand with Belgian bishop

December 31, 2014– The Equally Blessed Coalition applauds Bishop Johan Bonny of Antwerp, who has forthrightly invited the Roman Catholic Church to formally recognize the grace in committed, loving same-sex relationships. “We have to look inside the church for a formal recognition of the kind of interpersonal relationship that is […]

Catholic bishops in United Kingdom open dialogue before Synod on the Family

(This is an excerpt from an article written by Bob Shine of New Ways Ministry that was posted on Believe Out Loud.)

November 18, 2014- Such an open discussion is what is needed here in the United States, and it was exactly that kind of discussion that Equally Blessed, a coalition of Catholic groups that work for LGBT equality, asked of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) last week. Coalition members including Call To ActionDignityUSAFortunate FamiliesNew Ways Ministry, sent a letter to the conference last week in which they asked the bishops the following:

Equally Blessed sends congratulations to Archbishop-Designate Cupich, encourages him to reach out to LGBT Catholics

November 17, 2014. Members of Equally Blessed, a coalition of Catholic organizations committed to equality and justice for LGBT people, sent the following letter to Archbishop-Designate Cupich congratulating him on his upcoming installation as Archbishop of Chicago: Dear Archbishop-Designate Most Rev. Blase J. Cupich, As members of the Equally Blessed […]

Equally Blessed agrees with Synod that LGBT Catholics Bring gifts to the church, pray that those gifts will be honored in the Catholic workplace

We are thrilled that the synod is recognizing what Catholics in the pews have long known: that LGBT individuals are a sacred part of our parish communities and bring immeasurable gifts to the church. We hope these words from the synod will inspire the US Bishops to celebrate the contributions LGBT people make to Catholic schools, hospitals and parishes…