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LGBT Catholics hope for future papal dialogue after Benedict’s resignation

In the wake of Pope Benedict's resignation announcement Feb. 11, gay and lesbian Catholics reacted with relief and cautious optimism for a pope willing to engage in dialogue.

In a collective statement, leaders of Equally Blessed, a coalition of Catholics that works for equality for gay people, called upon the cardinals to select a pontiff who will realize that "in promoting discrimination against LGBT people, the church inflicts pain on marginalized people, alienates the faithful and lends moral credibility to reactionary political movements across the globe."

The coalition, which includes Call to Action, DignityUSA, Fortunate Families, and New Ways Ministry, said the church now has the opportunity to turn away from Benedict's "oppressive policies toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Catholics, and their families and friends."

Six images every LGBTQ religious person needs to see this Valentine’s Day

For LGBTQ religious people, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday. Many who come from faith traditions that are not yet LGBTQ inclusive find that friends, family, and community membership are not able to celebrate the love they have found. For too many, this prompts a sense of having to choose between two equally important identities, and makes remaining in faith traditions difficult.

Thankfully, this Valentine’s Day, a Catholic, faith-based coalition is working to spread a different message. Equally Blessed is motivated by a vision of a church where homophobia has no place, where all people – and all the love they find – are celebrated. Amelia Blanton – coordinator of Equally Blessed – and her staff created provocative images that they have been spreading across social media platforms today, images which offer a desperately needed message of hope and healing for the Catholic Church. “My church may need reform,” says a pink-and-red, cathedral-adorned graphic, “but, honey, you were made in God’s image.”