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DignityUSA works for respect and justice for people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities—especially gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons—in the Catholic Church and the world through education, advocacy, and support.

Recent News

LGBTQI/Ally Catholics Reject Communion Ban on Speaker Pelosi

May 21, 2022. DignityUSA, the organization representing the majority of U.S. Catholics who stand for justice, equality, and full inclusion of LGBTQI people in our church and society, announced today that they believe Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the right to receive Communion, rejecting a ban imposed by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone. The archbishop said Pelosi may not receive Communion until she publicly repudiates her support for access to abortion. 

Breath of the Spirit: Peace! Peace! And there is no peace.

A reflection by David Jackson for the Sixth Sunday of Easter | Jesus tells us that peace is his gift to us, but that gift can seem in very short supply these days. Where is the gift of peace in Ukraine, in the Sudan, in our national political scene, in many of our families, and in our hearts?

Watch our 2022 Board of Directors Candidates Forum!

For those of you unable to attend our May 15, 2022 Board of Directors Candidates Forum, we have provided a video recording of the session so that you can get to know our candidates better.

Breath of the Spirit: Easter Determination

A reflection by Ann Penick for the Fifth Sunday of Easter | If we see the resurrection as only a promise of what will happen to us one day, then we miss so much of its life-changing message. Jesus’ resurrection changed the disciples’ lives then and there!

Breath of the Spirit: Trusting in the Joy of the Journey

A reflection by Tom DeVoyd for the Fourth Sunday of Easter | ...Even if we do not make a huge geographic move, we are all on the epic journey of discipleship: called and empowered to walk with our communities into new and more abundant life. At times, this may feel like a peaceful walk in a lovely park. At other times, it may feel as treacherous as riding out a storm on the Mediterranean Sea in a small wooden boat.

Breath of the Spirit: Good Shepherd, But Not Always Good To Be a Shepherd

A reflection by Marianne Seggerman for the Third Sunday of Easter | Today’s gospel suggests that the primary response to loving Jesus is caring for one another. Today’s reflection suggests – if we look at the lived experience of shepherds in Jesus’ time – this is not an easy task!

Breath of the Spirit Reflection: The Inevitability and Precarity of New Life

A Reflection by Jeff Vomund for the Second Sunday of Easter | If we are not careful, Easter becomes a victory party for those of us to have made the “right” choice: Jesus’ victory lap to disprove the doubters (like Thomas). But the resurrection is not a prediction of what will be if we behave. It is a confirmation of what is, how the world was made from its inception in the Divine mind...

Dignity/Twin Cities Confronts Archbishop and Courage International Representatives in Protest

"The flag was in the window for no more than five minutes when a security guard from the Archdiocese came out the back door and told me that the flag was distracting to the priests, and that I would have to move because we were on private property..." Read more of the testimony of Dignity/Twin Cities' current President Brian H. McNeill on their recent protest of Courage International.

Breath of the Spirit: The Easter Transition

A reflection by delfín bautista for Easter Sunday | The English prefix trans comes from the Latin where it indicates movement from one place to another, as in, transfer. The prefix can also indicate movement beyond a particular entity, thus, is an action is transnational, it goes beyond a single nation. In the Scriptures, the word transfiguration carries both of those meanings: Jesus moves from one state of being to another and also beyond what he was to a larger reality.

Stand with Nativity School and show support for LGBTQI+ and Black Lives! Sign the petition today.

Nativity School of Worcester, MA, has been flying the Black Lives Matter and Pride banners along with the American Flag for over a year. However, on April 3, Bishop Robert McManus told the Jesuit school that these flags “deny our Catholic identity” and that they represent things “that stand in contract to consistent Catholic teaching.” Sign the petition and show your support for Nativity School!

Breath of the Spirit: Do We Want to Be Barrabas?

A reflections for Palm Sunday by John Falcone | Sometimes the choices between good and evil seem so stark. But clear choices are not necessarily easy. It is possible to see where different paths lead and still not be sure which way is better...

New Vatican document on education could lead to increased exclusion of LGBTQI people, says DignityUSA

March 31, 2022. A newly released document from the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education could make it even more difficult for LGBTQI people to be part of the Catholic school system and could trigger a new wave of staff terminations and students being turned away. DignityUSA expressed its concerns after reviewing “The Identity of the Catholic School for a Culture of Dialogue,” which was issued by the Vatican on March 29.

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